2012 Metabolic Mayhem Training and Nutrition Holiday Calendar

2012 Metabolic Mayhem Training and Nutrition Holiday Calendar

Ahh, the holiday season. Here it is, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. And I’ve already talked to several people who’ve rationalized Monday and Tuesday with, “Well, I’m going to eat bad on Thursday and Friday anyway.”

Sure, that makes tons of sense. Well, actually, it makes no sense at all.

Sometimes you just have to look at things from a different perspective. Where many people see a disaster in the making when they think about holiday meals and parties, I see and opportunity to shed fat…

That’s why I should have named the Metabolic Mayhem Training and Nutrition Holiday Calendar something like “How to Avoid Disaster Over the Holidays”.

Here’s the deal.

One of my coaching clients asked me the other day if I had a plan for sticking to your nutrition plan during the holiday season.


Not only that, I have a plan to even shed a little fat. I sent it over to them, and they were incredibly thankful.

And that was that. Until…

I had just put my boys to bed, and I was reading through emails and checking out some fitness forums. As I was reading I realized that I nearly made a terrible mistake.

I almost kept this a secret.

So many people out there are struggle to maintain their weight during the holidays. In fact, I came across two studies that looked at just how much people gain over Thanksgiving alone. A 2006 study published in the Nutrition Journal showed that, on average, people gained 1.1 pounds during thanksgiving [Hull HR, Radley D, Dinger MK, Fields DA: The effect of the Thanksgiving holiday on weight gain. Nutrition Journal 2006, 5:29]

Another study – this one done in 2000 – found a similar result when looking at the entire holiday season. They found that on average, people gained 1.06(±4.9) pounds during the holidays. [Jack A. Yanovski, M.D., Ph.D., Susan Z. Yanovski, M.D., Kara N. Sovik, B.S., Tuc T. Nguyen, M.S., Patrick M. O’Neil, Ph.D., and Nancy G. Sebring, M.Ed., R.D. A Prospective Study of Holiday Weight Gain. New England Journal of Medicine. 2000; 342:861-867]

You don’t have to be one of them.

Because we’re in this movement together, here’s what I’m going to do…

Here’s the exact schedule I sent to my coaching client. I want you to have it for free. Just click here. There’s no opt-in. No catch. Just click and download.

There are calendars for each stage of the Metabolic Mayhem® nutrition strategy, including Shortage Sequencing™, and Carb Correlating™ 101, 201 and 301.

It also contains which workouts from the Workout Manual should be done on which days.

So what’s next? Three simple steps:

1. Download the calendar by clicking here.
2. Read through it, and if you already have the Metabolic Mayhem® program, put it to work for you.
3. …

Thank you so much for being a reader and subscriber. I hope you
enjoy the calendar.

P.S. The calendar is the perfect compliment to the main Metabolic Mayhem® program. If you haven’t picked it up yet, check it out while it’s still on sale! Oh yeah, that’s step 3. ;)

The epitome of a busy executive, Ben Teal is a recognized expert in data, analytics and process simplification, receiving two patents in these areas. When not behind his desk, he is a fitness entrepreneur, certified personal trainer and adventure racing parrothead husband and father of two. As the creator of the #Simplified Fat Loss System™ and Metabolic Mayhem®, Ben’s focus is on helping busy parents and professionals simplify their approach to fitness to maximize both their time and results.