Ben TealBen Teal is the creator of Metabolic Mayhem and the founder of Middle Management Fitness. These are his passion, but they are by no means his profession.

Ben is an economist (BA and MS) and a philosopher (BA). That gives me a unique take on fitness… one that has been extremely successful helping other super busy men and women burn fat, build muscle and change their bodies.

He started his first fitness site in 2006 after being pestered by friends and family to share his secrets on controlling his weight after shedding over 100 pounds. Since then, his work has been seen all over the web on sites such as Men’s Health.

In 2009, he introduced the concept of Metabolic Mayhem as part of his Fat Loss Academy. He filed to officially trademark Metabolic Mayhem in January 2010. That lengthy process was finally completed in April 2012. Since then, more and more people have requested access to this method, which eventually led to the launch of this blog.

He’s not a trainer, doctor or nutritionist. He doesn’t spend the day in the gym. Unlike most “gurus”, he’s actually had to struggle with his weight while juggling career and family. He has a full-time job, a (beautiful) wife, two (amazing) little boys, and two dogs. You can typically find him either behind his desk analyzing data or sitting in traffic somewhere in Charlotte, stuck between home and work and driving his two boys to seemingly endless activities.

In his spare time, he does make an appearance at Mountain Island Fitness before sitting down to write for Metabolic Mayhem and Middle Management. How does he get it all done?

That’s what this site is about.

I have been loving all the info that you offer. It is really inspiring and, beyond that, super useful. I’m so glad us normal guys out here have someone like you! Keep it up! – Sam Johnson, Pennsylvania

You can also find Ben online on twitter (@metabolicmayhem, @benjamteal), Facebook, and on Google+.


I’m going to teach people who’ve struggled in the past with stress-induced metabolic mayhem how to get their hormones in sync and harmonized so that it’s easier to maintain a healthy weight and start feeling younger, happier, and more energized starting today.