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By Benjamin Teal
Metabolic Expert and Certified Turbulence Trainer

Before we get started, will you do me a favor?

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. As you exhale, think about how many pounds of fat you think you need to lose in order to have your ideal body.

Now as you exhale, think about how long you feel it should take to reach that goal.

Visualize what your life will be like once you achieve your ideal.

Really concentrate and focus on how much happier, how much more energy and how much less stress you’ll have once you’ve hit your goal.

And now smile.

Because here’s the thing...

You can have the life you truly want and deserve
and in a timeframe even faster than you believe.

It’s a fact.

And you can get started in just a 6 minutes.

But you need to know a few things first.

1. Traditional long, monotonous aerobic workouts and cardio machines program your body to significantly slow your metabolism.

When you do long bouts of steady state cardio, your body responds by releasing fat storing hormones and cannibalizing metabolically active muscle.

This means that you’re likely spending your limited time and pouring your heart and soul into something that’s actually making the problem worse... without even knowing it.

This is one of the main reasons that you can workout 6 or 7 days a week, eat healthy and still not lose any weight.

2. Restrictive diets are hard, miserable and they zap you the energy you need to get through your day.

If you've ever rolled out of bed, walked to to the bathroom, and stepped on the scale only to see that the numbers didn’t change one bit since the week before, you know that too often all of that suffering and carb "depletion" can leave disappointed and sad.

After all, you've stuck to the plan all week and you've been doing what you thought was the right thing to do by drastically cutting back. Yet, instead of dropping pounds the opposite keeps happening.

And even worse, you feel extremely guilty after eating something you "shouldn’t have". When that happens, you fall into a cycle of self-doubt and self-defeat and vow to go right back to starving yourself.

3. 99% of online fat loss programs on the market neglect the personal, professional touch required to really really get results.

You've seen how the diet and fitness world operates. They give you a PDF with some workouts, wish you luck and send you on your way.  If you're really willing to spend some money, they might send you some DVDs.

The best you can do for support is to go to a meeting and hope that you're lucky enough that the "leader" takes enough of an interest in you to give you some personal advice.

And unless you're willing to shell out big bucks and go to the gym, you're not going to get truly personal feedback, encouragement and coaching.

They take your money but then don’t take the time to build a personal relationship with you to make sure you see the results you deserve. It's too much work for them to care about you. They'd rather follow the Steve Miller Band's advice to "take the money and run."

Keep reading the special article below to discover the breakthrough secret that’s only been made available to a few motivated go-getters until now.

You won’t find any information on this page that asks you to exercise more. Because more exercise doesn’t work. And you won’t see me telling you to run away from bread and pizza and ice cream, because that’s not productive either.

I’ll be showing you the EXACT day-by-day, step-by-step solution I use to boost my energy and stay in top shape while massive amounts saving time... and now you can too!

Yes! You read that right. Now you can make your bad habits disappear like magic and reprogram your metabolism to burn off your stubborn, unwanted fat in just 7 short days!

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The 7 Day “SIMPLIFIED” Fat Loss Solution

The Fat Melting Bonus Side Effects:

You'll also discover how to use this 7 Day Strategy to…

  • Permanently upgrade your fat burning metabolism by not only burning calories during the 25 minutes (or less) Metabolic Shred™ workouts but up to 38 hours after so that you literally burn fat while you sleep – you’ll love the way your body starts working for you rather than against you!
  • Have more fun because you’ll never do the same workout two days in a row. This helps your body shed fat in new and exciting ways without all of the grunting and straining so that the fat starts melting off almost like magic so that you see results faster to give you that long and lean look for a boost to your body confidence.
  • Strategically use my no-holds-barred “cheating” system to effortlessly strip away countless inches from your hard-to-lose problem areas... all while regularly eating ice cream, devouring juicy burgers, and indulging in foods that most other dieters can at best dream about... even Oreos and Olive Garden!
  • Set your body’s fat burning switch to ‘ON’ by putting the #1 fat incinerating hormone to work for you to get you get skinnier FASTER so that you look great in those skinny jeans!
  • Throw “self-help” out the window and get personal support with this premium proprietary interactive done-for-you online system... You’ll always know what to do next so that you actually follow through and use this program to get results – after all, the best diet and exercise programs on earth can't help you when they're sitting around collecting dust.

How can this system completely reverse
years of metabolic damage so you can quickly
start to look and feel better in only 7 short days?

Here are the top 3 awesome benefits you’re about to experience inside the 7-Day Simplified Fat Loss Solution specifically designed to get you better results in less time...


Save time when you SLASH your workout time by 68.5% or MORE (when you have more time, you have more freedom to do the things you're passionate about)

If you want to get into great shape without it taking over your life, then you’re in the right place. Gone are 60 minute workouts. Instead, you're going to get an hours worth of results in less than half that time.

Because we are talking minutes, not hours... Each series of movements takes up to just 25 minutes of TOTAL workout time – that’s only 75 minutes PER WEEK. And remember, these aren’t boring workouts either. These are workouts you can put your heart into and that will leave you smiling at the end.

And we are talking days not weeks... You’ll love this system because you see results fast. You'll start to reverse metabolic damage in as little as 7 days. And it starts with feeling more energy after the very first workout. More energy leads to more confidence and motivation. And more motivation leads to happy results.


Eat, Drink and Still Shrink (Finally, a Diet You’ll Stick To!)

We are talking about eating the foods you want, crave and enjoy without strict daily calorie limits... You’ll kiss complex starvation and ultra restricted diets goodbye with flexible eating options that focus on the big picture rather than the little things that don’t matter.

You see, if you’ve ever started a diet only to quit a few weeks later from a lack of results... or if you’ve ever seemingly done everything right only to find that the scale wouldn’t reward you for your efforts... or if you’ve ever given up your favorite foods in the name of health and weight loss only to later discover that the sacrifice didn’t quite pan out, I’m here to tell you… It's not your fault.

Simply put, traditional "diets" can't work.

You see, any time you restrict calories, you literally "program" your metabolism to fight against your every effort to lose weight.

Time to hit the "reset" button.

You're going to be experiencing rapid results while still enjoying your favorite foods like pizza, pasta, ice cream and yes, even CHOCOLATE at the perfect times to accelerate fat loss.

And even better, there's no more feeling guilty if you happen to slip and go off plan because this isn't another "do it my way or else" diet plan.

This is a lifestyle you can live with.


Look Leaner and Feel Younger, Sexier and More Confident in 7 Short Days

When your metabolism fat-burning switches turned on using the strategies that have been proven and perfected, you can expect the exact opposite experience with the other "programs".

No food cravings (because you can eat what you want regularly), no plateaus (because you'll learn secrets to ensure your metabolism is always in burn mode), and visible permanent fat loss from problem areas like your stomach, hips, butt and thighs... all while your energy and confidence soar!

Listen, when you drop those inches, you'll turn back the clock to finally have the freedom to claim the life and body you absolutely deserve.

And you're just getting started.

Here's what's going to start to happen over the next week...

  • You'll notice clothes are going to start fitting looser (you may need to move up a notch on your belt!)
  • You'll find that you're starting to have more energy than you had the week before (you may even start listening to "Eye of the Tiger" on repeat!)
  • You'll discover that you have more freedom now that you're not spending 6 days a week in a sweaty, smelly gym with no results to show for it (you'll be done with your workout before everyone else is done warming up!)

It’s simple. Just follow the daily step-by-step guides to burn off stubborn fat to leave you leaner, longer and filled with more energy than a 21 year old on their birthday!

And the science proves that it's a fact:

  • Save Time and Have More Fun

    A recent study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism found that doing a the same style workout found in the 7-Day Fat Loss Solution for just 4-minutes, 4-times per week had similar increases in endurance as folks who spent 30-minutes on a treadmill 4 times per week. Not only that, according to the researchers, the short workout group also enjoyed their workouts more!

  • Beat Your Every Day Stresses and Pressures to Stay Younger Longer

    According to the big brains at Harvard, exercise is as important for you head as it is your heart. It has a unique ability to relax, calm, and dissipate stress. Workouts like those found in the 7-Day Simplified Fat Loss Solution reduces levels of the body’s stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol. And it also stimulates the production of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers and mood elevators.

    As your waist shrinks and your strength increases, your self-confidence will improve. You’ll earn a sense of pride once you’re fitting in your old college clothes. Imagine how great if will be to feel 22 again! And this confidence will snowball, allowing you to succeed in many other areas of you life as well.

  • Find More Energy to Beat Fatigue, Feel Terrific and Dominate Your Day

    A study published in the journal Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics in 2008 found that people who were generally inactive and complained of fatigue could increase energy by 20% while decreasing fatigue by as much as 65% by simply participating in regular exercise.

And there's so much more inside of the 7-Day Simplified Fat Loss Solution, including...


12 "Magic" Metabolism Boosting Tricks

(Twelve easy-to-use strategies to get you into your skinny jeans sooner)

  • The calorie blocking miracle appetizer that helps you lose fat without going hungry...
  • The fat melting marvel that’s hiding in your freezer...
  • Stop cravings with this tiny treat...
  • The hormone cure for weight loss (what to do to dial in your hormones so that you burn fat like a teenager!)
  • Secrets to instant energy (get it and keep it all day long!) so that you feel younger and happier...
  • Burn 200 EXTRA calories in just 10 minutes to Shrink Your BMI...
  • Shop smart to slim down and get high school skinny...
  • The fat melting “skinny” CARBS that dial up your metabolism to shrink your fat zones...
  • Supersize your fat loss by turing off fat storage hormones and reverse mid-life weight gain...
  • The magic menu balancing formula that blasts off fat and keeps you feeling fuller for hours...
  • The amazing 10-second ink pen trick that melts pounds...
  • A simple 90 second trick to make sure you never store your favorite foods on your body...

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Here's to dialing in your metabolism so that you start looking and feeling younger in only 7 short days!

Your friend,

Ben Teal


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