The discovery of metabolic mayhem is a milestone in the health and fitness world. And finding the Metabolic Mayhem Solution is like discovering fire and the wheel.

Before we get to far, though, let's acknowledge a few things.

First. there are enemies among us. For years - decades even - you've heard promises of a miracle. A messiah that will show you the magic way to fitness. To feeling accepted and embraced.

And, if you're honest, you can say with confidence that it's flopped every time. Lies and deceit are rampant in the world of weight loss.

Lies. Like when they make you feel like it's your fault you aren't seeing success on their plan.

Lies. Like when they tell you that certain foods or nutrients are evil.

Lies. Like telling you there are only two ways to lose weight - diet and exercise.

Tell that to the people eating 1500 calories a day (or less!) and doing an hour of cardio each day and not losing weight.

You know these are lies. But you never give up hope. Hope that there is a 'THIRD WAY.'

Truth: There is a 'THIRD WAY'.

The THIRD WAY far simpler than science and engineering. But, like these studies, the process must follow in an exact order.

We have know the truth about many parts of the THIRD WAY for thousands of years. Yet, no one has sorted what's important from what's not. And no one has organized that information into a cohesive system of practice. Not until the discovery of the THIRD WAY.

The THIRD WAY includes a large number of new and recent discoveries on how your body functions. It uses those discoveries to enhance the things already known. It helps you become more you. It takes the good things about you and makes them better. Healthier. Leaner. Sexier.


It embraces nutrition and fitness as both valid and important. But it goes further than these old tropes. It considers the mind and it's effects on your health, wellness, and yes, weight. But also your happiness.

If you're not happy, then it's not worth it in the end. And, as you'll discover, the THIRD WAY is happiness. They are inseparable

The rules, processes and skills you'll learn here will change your life. That is, if you're open minded.

The enemy insists you have to give up carbs. Or fat. Or eating.

This book exists for one reason. Because almost everything written about how to end your struggle with your weight is a fraud. Writer after writer and expert after expert have failed to address your issue. That diet and exercise alone aren't working.

The solution to sustained weight loss is so clouded that they miss the truth. They tell you that, to feel accepted and to feel sexy and to feel happy, you must lose weight. You must conform.

That is a lie.

In fact, the opposite is true.

In this book, you will find the truth - and the lies. Because you can't have one without the other. And, you'll recognize both for what they are. Sometimes what you see won't please you.

Yet, you will see. And understand. And through it all, you'll know the truth. That the THIRD WAY has always been there. And it's your path to your true self and true happiness.


How would you mark the progress of humankind through history? The answer that you'll most often hear is with monuments. Tombs. Statues. From the pyramids of Giza through the modern monuments in Washington, DC.

More important than monuments, though, as markers of progress, are ideas. Ideas are what move us forward as a society.

The wheel allowed us to stop dragging things along the ground.

Farming and agriculture allowed us to stop roaming the landscape in search of food.

Controlling fire allowed us to cook our food and stay warm.

These ideas changed the way we live, even today.

Yes. It is true that people had the ideas. But these ideas didn't give the people power.

It was the ideas themselves that were powerful.

The THIRD WAY is one of those ideas. Powerful. And empowering. It is a tool that allows us to understand the true path to weight loss.

And with any new idea, it is important to challenge the underlying assumptions. Too often, the leaders of the world overlook this basic step. And so it has been in the health and fitness industry.

The basic assumption has always been that skinny (or slim, or lean) equals happy. That the weight loss has to come first.

This idea needs revision. And I've done so in the idea of the THIRD WAY. Through my own struggles and sacrifices, I asked two questions:

"What if there was more to losing weight than diet and exercise?"


"What would happen if I assumed that I didn't need to lose weight to be happy?"

Basic assumptions are important. They are important when they get such a foot-hold on society that we cannot get away from them.

For decades, you've heard that it's diet and exercise. Eat less, move more. And that your feelings of sadness, guilt and loneliness are because you're overweight.

Now, here we are with the THIRD WAY to test those basic assumptions. And it will be interesting to see if there will be a change in your life as a result of new assumptions.

The trouble is that ingrained assumptions are difficult to defeat. It's because they feed off of so-called guru's and authority figures. When these people speak, it's treated as a religious proclamation.

For example, Copernicus said, "Hey, what if the Earth went around the sun instead of the other way around?"

The guru of the day, the church, and it's associated authority figures would have none of this. His ideas led to the violent deaths of several of his followers, including Giordano Bruno.

Understand, the gurus and the authority figures do not like challenges. They will defend things they know to be untrue because those things make them who they are. Without followers, they stop being gurus. And authorities. They stop having control.

That is not to say that all authorities are bad. For example, there has to be some sort of authority to govern society. Elections allow us to choose the people who make the decisions on laws. Through these elections we give them their authority.

But these others - the guru class - they claim authority. And for these people, we should challenge their basic assumptions at regular intervals.

This is especially true in the weight loss industry. Because the self-proclaimed authorities often contradict one another. Fat is bad. Carbs are bad. Sodium is bad. Gluten is bad. Slow cardio is bad. Intense cardio is bad. All that matters is calories in versus calories out. It's the types of calories that matter.

If any one of these things is true - just one - Someone's assumptions must be wrong.

And if none of them are true, then they all start from a place of false assumptions.

The final assumption all seem to make is that for you to be happy and to feel accepted you must lose weight.

As I said earlier, and as you'll see with the THIRD WAY, for many of us, the exact opposite is true. And by claiming otherwise, you've remained in a cycle of struggle and misery. And very often the self-anointed authority has done this on purpose.

It is clear to you now that it is not your fault. It never has been.

And that's why we are challenging the assumptions.

A few months ago, when I first learned that there was a THIRD WAY, I dedicated hours to studying it. I spent weeks mastering it. And I spent months systemizing it.

And then I've shared the system with family and close friends. And, I'm happy (as you will be soon), that there is a method that answers your questions completely. Not only that, you can see and feel the results almost immediately.

Of course, I must stop here and tell you that this is my opinion. And while I do have proof, I urge you to try the THIRD WAY for yourself. Test it completely. And come to your own conclusion that this is the real path to happiness, a new outlook on life, and a new body.

The THIRD WAY that forms the core of the Metabolic Mayhem Solution relies on solid science.

When you use the THIRD WAY, you have the key to losing excess weight without feeling alone and isolated. Instead, you'll almost immediately feel happier and healthier. This creates an environment where your body wants to shed excess fat. And it won't need extreme diets and exercise programs to do it.

It makes you wonder why hardly anyone is talking about the THIRD WAY. But when you learn to use it, you'll see a huge difference in how fast you can lose weight. All from starting from a different place in your mind.

You know that don't belong to the class of people that center their lives on diet and exercise. Those people spend all day counting every calorie. Those people measure every minute and mile on the treadmill. And if you don't fall into their opinion of 'perfect', you feel somehow inferior to them.

They tell you that their way is the only true way. But as we discussed above, that cannot be true. Their assumptions have flaws at their most fundamental level. Fat and carbs can't both be bad. Interval training and long slow cardio can't both be bad.

Given their flaws, how can you trust them?

How can you trust the the 'authorities' and 'gurus' tell you that skinny is what makes you happy. But think about all the time spent counting calories (or carbs, or fat). Or all the time spent going nowhere on a treadmill.

There's no room to live when your one of them. There's no room to actually be happy.

To be clear, I'm not telling you that diet and exercise aren't pieces of the puzzle. It is clear that they are.

I am telling you that those are only two ways. And that the THIRD WAY makes it all easier so that you don't have to try to be one of those people. So that you don't have to feel like you're a failure and isolated because you can't succeed with their plan. A plan doomed to fail because of the erroneous assumptions.

It's time to think different. It's time to be different.

We aren't those people. And we don't want to be. And you already know that you are one of us.


Because to have read this far, you already believe that a THIRD WAY must exist.